PESHAWAR, September 1: Unidentified armed men fired shots on a cargo airplane of Russia while it was landing at the Bacha Khan International Airport in the provincial capital Peshawar, causing slight damage to the plane.

The police say the bullets were fired on the plane in Sheikh Muhammadi area. One bullet hit the plane but the pilot succeeded in safe landing.

After the incident, the security forces launched a search operation in the area. On 26 June, unidentified gunmen opened fire on a Pakistan International Airlines flight while landing at the airport in Peshawar, leaving a woman passenger dead and two crewmembers injured.

After that incident, the administration started registration of people living in surrounding areas of the airport.

The local Pakistani media quoted an official of the Civil Aviation Authority as saying that about two magazines of AK-47 rounds were fired but that just one bullet hit the target.

He said the attack took place once again from the same Sheikh Muhammadi area where aircraft have to fly at lower altitude before landing at the airport.

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