GHALLANAI, May 21: Governor Mehtab Ahmed Abbasi has said that sacrifices of local residents and security forces helped restore peace in Mohmand Agency.

Addressing a Jirga at the Ghallanai Hall, the governor said development of the tribal areas was a priority of the government.

On the occasion, the governor compensated the family of Khassadar personnel Mr Qadir Khan, who had been killed in the 20 May blast in Chamarkand area. The governor gave the bereaved family a cheque worth 0.3 million rupees and also announced to give job to one of the deceased’s children in the Khassadar force.

The governor also inaugurated the anti-polio campaign in Mohmand Agency by vaccinating a child.

About reforms to the Frontier Crimes Regulation, the governor said tribal elders and political party leaders would be taken onboard with regards to bringing reforms in the FATA setup. The governor also visited Ghallanai Bazaar later on.

The tribal region in northwestern Pakistan is run under the FCR, which consists of a special set of laws. Most people criticise the FCR because they say both the judicial and executive powers are being exercised by a single party, ie the political administration. The Collective Responsibility clause of the FCR allows the tribal authorities to punish a whole tribe as a result of the behaviour or crime of one or more other individuals.

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