LANDIKOTAL: After protest by different welfare organisations and other people for shifting of office of Sada-e-Amn program from Landikotal tehsil compound, the office has been closed temporarily.

While addressing the protesters outside Landikotal compound on Monday, Landikotal Welfare Organisation president Akhtar Shinwari, Shinwari Youth Organisation leader Israr Shinwari, Torkham Labour Union president Farman Shinwari, Landikotal Trade Union president Jaffar Shinwari and others said the office of Sada-e-Amn program must be shifted to another location from Landikotal tehsil. They said that at the existing location of the office, the issue of parda of women is surfacing which is against the tribal traditions.

The speakers said hundreds of women and children daily come to the office of Sada-e-Amn in Landikotal and do not follow the coronavirus standard operating procedures (SOPs), which is a dangerous trend. They said the office of Sada-e-Amn must be shifted to another place from Landikotal tehsil compound.

After the protest, the office was closed temporarily. The protesters also demanded that the Sada-e-Amn office must pay money to male members of family instead of females to avoid complications. They said they are not against Sada-e-Amn program, but actually they are against the mode of payment. They said women have parda issue at the payment centre which is intolerable under the tribal traditions. They said tribal traditions will be protected. They said the office must function at a suitable location where it could carry out its functions smoothly.

Customs clearance agents end strike

The Customs clearance agents at Torkham border on Monday announced to end their strike after successful talks with Customs Collector Saleem Khan.

TNN correspondent reported that Customs clearance agents held talks with the collector at Peshawar Customs House during which they were assured that all their genuine problems will be resolved. After acceptance of demands, the clearance agents announced to end strike.

The clearance agents thanked the collector over his interest in resolving their problems. Torkham Transport Union president Haji Azeemullah Shinwari, clearance agents president Hazrat Umar Shinwari, Khyber Chamber of Commerce president Siddique Afridi, senior vice president Haji Jabir Shinwari and others attended the meeting