rechargable fan, photo by Arshad Khan

PESHAWAR, July 3: The energy crisis and excessive loadshedding in Pakistan have increased the demand for rechargeable fans in the provincial metropolis Peshawar.

Traders of electronics goods at Shuba bazaar told TNN that hundreds of fans, charged by electricity or solar energy (sunrays), were being sold at about 30 shops of the market.

A local trader, Mr Sher Zaman, said there was 50 million rupees worth of stock of the rechargeable fans in the market but that the demand was even more than that.

The price of a single fan with battery is about 5,000 rupees. A customer, Dr Haider Ali, told TNN that the rechargeable fan was the best solution to the loadshedding problem.

“Children and elderly people cannot sleep due to hot weather, flies and mosquitoes. Once charged, the battery of the fan works the whole night,” he added.

“Rechargeable fans are nice. People are even using rechargeable cooler fans, which operate using water to cool the air. It makes life easy in this hot weather and it is affordable as well,” stated Abdullah in the provincial metropolis.

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