PESHAWAR, July 3: The provincial government inaugurated a Sasta Bazaar (market offering various items on affordable rates) in the provincial capital to facilitate people in the holy month of Ramazan.

After three years, a Sasta Bazaar has been established in Peshawar where all the food items are being sold on lesser prices as compared to local markets.

The market has been set up near Bacha Khan Chowk in Parda Bagh area. The market was inaugurated today by the Provincial Minister for Food, Mr Qalandar Lodhi.

On the occasion, Deputy Commissioner of Peshawar, Mr Zaheer-ul-Islam, said the main reason behind the establishment of the market was to provide all food and non-food items to the people on affordable rates as compared to other markets.

Visitors appreciated the step. A local resident told TNN, “I had bought lemon at 150 rupees per kilogram from the local market, but today I got it for 100 rupees from Sasta Bazaar. Also, there is a difference of 40 to 50 rupees in vegetable prices.”

Another resident said the prices were low because it was first day of the Sasta Bazaar, adding that they would see whether or not they offer things on the same lower rates in future.

Administration officials said two more Sasta Bazaars would be established in Board Bazaar and Nauthia localities soon.

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