A significant number of Pakistani passports have been issued to Afghan citizens, raising concerns about potential security threats. Approximately 12,000 Afghan citizens had their Pakistani passports seized by Saudi Arabian authorities, prompting an investigation led by Mustafa Qazi, the Director-General of Passports Directorate, and the Federal Investigation Agency (FIA).

Sources report that the primary suspect behind the fake passport operation has been apprehended in Lahore. Furthermore, both a current and a retired employee from the Passport Directorate in Islamabad have been taken into custody. The investigation has revealed that Pakistani passports were unlawfully issued to Afghan citizens using counterfeit identity documents.

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Officials from the Pakistani passport and immigration departments assert that the Passport Directorate is fully aware of its responsibilities and is conducting a comprehensive inquiry into the matter. They are cross-referencing the data with the National Database and Registration Authority (NADRA) to ensure accuracy.

It is worth noting that Pakistan recently issued a deadline for all illegal immigrants to leave the country voluntarily by October 30, with warnings of arrests and deportation after the cutoff date. In response to this government ultimatum, many Afghan families have chosen to return to Afghanistan via the Torkham border.