Chitral, a region prone to natural disasters, recently witnessed extensive flooding that wreaked havoc on the lives of its residents. In response, a significant gesture of aid arrived in the form of 60 truckloads of relief goods and food packages. These essential supplies were dispatched to assist 7,000 families who had been affected by the calamity.

The benevolent initiative was undertaken by the King Salman Humanitarian and Relief Center of Saudi Arabia, a commendable effort that demonstrated their commitment to aiding those in need across borders.

Yousaf Khan, a representative of the Essar Foundation, shared that the King Salman Humanitarian and Relief Center extended their support to provide relief goods and sustenance to 3,500 families in Lower Chitral and an equal number in Upper Chitral. Additionally, their assistance reached out to 5,000 individuals who were impacted by the floods in Upper and Lower Dir.

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Yousaf Khan highlighted the Saudi government’s consistent dedication to assisting Pakistan during challenging times. Chitral, having faced the devastating floods in July of this year, experienced substantial damage to homes, crops, gardens, water pipelines, and crucial road connections.

In a coordinated effort, the Essar Foundation collaborated with the District Administration Chitral to ensure the timely and efficient distribution of the 60 truckloads of aid sent by the King Salman Humanitarian and Relief Center.

Assistant Commissioner of Darosh, Muhammad Ali, emphasized the concerning reality that Chitral is a hotspot for global warming, leaving the region susceptible to the recurring threat of floods every summer. The recent floods in July brought significant destruction to various parts of Chitral.

Ali went on to explain that while the district administration had already been proactive in providing aid to the flood victims, the aid package sent by the King Salman Humanitarian and Relief Center would serve as a crucial supplement to the ongoing efforts for the rehabilitation and recovery of the affected families.

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