Swat seminar pic by Rafiullah
Participants of a seminar on education in Swat district. Photo by Mr Rafiullah

MINGORA, November 29: Two non-government organisations, Alif Ailaan and the Innovative Youth Forum, organised a seminar on education in Swat district.

The seminar was titled “25 million broken promises” and it discussed the state of those 25 million children who, according to the organisation, do not attend schools in Pakistan.

The seminar was attended by journalists and writers, who thoroughly discussed the issue of illiteracy and out-of-school children in Pakistan.

Dr Jawad Iqbal, the chairman of Innovative Youth Forum, said about 28 percent children aged from 5-16 years were deprived of education in Swat district.

If proper measures are not taken, the country may face an educational crisis in near future, he added.

“The estimate of dropouts, ie the number of children who are expelled from the schools is really huge. Our objective is to launch a campaign and to submit the exact number of expelled students to the administration, so that it is brought into the notice of federal and provincial ministers. We want them to make certain packages regarding the issue and introduce it globally. The main purpose is to vocalise the laymen to solve the problem.”

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