NOWSHERA: A shopkeeper has been accused by parents of a five-year-old girl in Nowshera of trying to sexually abuse her in Mian Isa area of Nowshera.

According to police, the father of the girl said his daughter went to a general store to buy some items. He alleged that the shopkeeper forcibly took the girl inside the shop and tried to sexually abuse her. However, the shopkeeper had to close the shop and run away after the girl started crying and screaming.

Police said the girl came to her house and told the family members about the incident. The news spread in the area rapidly and people started scolding the accused shopkeeper. The shopkeeper also allegedly attacked the father of the affected girl on filing complaint against him.

The girl was taken to District Headquarters Hospital for medical examination. Samples have also been sent to laboratory and Khyber Medical College.

Meanwhile, the father and uncle of the affected girl accused police of trying to protect the influential accused by not including strict sections of the law in the case. They said they were also pressurised through a Jirga to withdraw the case and end the matter. The father of the girl threatened that he along with his children will commit self-immolation if justice was not provided to his family. He said a savage attempt was made to sexually abuse his innocent daughter and this act of the accused must not go unpunished. He appealed to the Chief Justice of Pakistan and police high ups to conduct transparent investigation into the incident and provide justice to his family.

Misri Banda Police said the accused has taken anticipatory bail from a court in Nowshera in order to avoid arrest.

Five days ago, an eight-year-old girl was killed after alleged sexual abuse in Akhrela area of Abbottabad.

Local sources said Niaz, a resident of Nawan Shehar, used to take his children to his village Akhrela every Sunday. Sources said Niaz also took his children for tour to Akhrela village as per routine where his eight-year-old daughter went missing. He searched his daughter for several hours and they went to Nawan Shehar Police Station to file a report about his missing daughter. He then received a phone call that the body of his daughter has been dumped at a deserted place in the village.

Doctors said in initial media report that someone sexually abused the girl and strangulated her.