PESHAWAR, June 25: Shopkeepers and hoteliers of famous Namak Mandi Bazaar oppose the provincial government’s decision to declare the market a food street.

The shopkeepers have launched protest campaign by raising black flags on their shops for the last several days. They say the authorities have issued them notices to vacate the bazaar within 15 days.

They say the decision will render many employees jobless. “This is already a food street. One can get mutton, beef, dry fruit and many other things here. But in fact, the government wants to expel us from this market. This is a huge market and its demolition and reconstruction as a food street requires much time. What will we do during that time?” a shopkeeper questioned.

Another trader said, “How will we feed our families in case we vacate these shops? Will we get shops on same rent after its reconstruction as food street.”

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