Naheed Jehangir

“Why didn’t you make the bread round? Why is the salt in the food strong? Why didn’t you iron the clothes properly? The mother-in-law used to beat the father-in-law for these things.”

This was said by Zaitoon Bibi, who is 16 years old. Two years ago, she got married because her father was not able to support her.

After marriage, Zaitoon Bibi was not considered a 14-year-old. She was rather considered a married woman by her in-laws. From cooking to baking, from dishes to sweeping, washing, and ironing, the responsibility fell on her shoulders.

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She used to get scolded by the family in the initial days, but after a few days, the beatings started. Now Zaitoon Bibi faints, so the in-laws have left her saying that keep the crazy and useless daughter with you; there is no need to come back.

Zaitoon Bibi’s two pregnancies were lost, but why?

Zaitoon Bibi is sitting with her mother in the Gynecology OPD of the hospital. She has also been pregnant twice and lost both times. According to the lady doctor, all this is due to depression and young age. And now the doctor has also advised seeing a psychiatrist.

This is not just Zaitoon Bibi’s story. There are many women who are victims of physical and mental violence on a daily basis. And this problem is not only in Pakistan but all over the world, women are victims of violence in some form or the other.

Every year from November 25 to December 10, an international campaign is conducted to prevent violence against women.

About 32 percent of women in Pakistan are victims of physical violence

According to a survey, about 32 percent of women in Pakistan are victims of physical violence, while 50 percent of them do not seek help.

In this regard, Assistant Professor Aizaz Jamal, a specialist in mental and psychological diseases, said that women are victims of violence in various terrible forms, from sexual, mental, and physical violence to online harassment. These things make women mentally ill like depression, anxiety, etc. Due to constant worry, women become mentally ill, and then in our society, mental illness is not even considered a disease.

Causes of mental disorders

Aizaz added that the main causes of mental disorders include early marriage, early motherhood, lack of proper diet, beating, verbal abuse, or undue harshness. Today, 1 in every 5 women suffers from mental illness. Most of these women are mentally ill due to domestic violence. And then the family members do not even treat them on time due to which the trend of suicide among women is also increasing. They are mentally ill so they are looking for their happiness in death.

Dr. Aizaz said that whenever symptoms such as restlessness, irritability, lack of sleep, or too much sleep, out-of-control anger, strange whispers, boredom with life, and loneliness appear, see a doctor as soon as possible. Should refer. Not to associate these signs with amulets, spells, or jinn. Timely treatment can cure the disease quickly and failure to do so can be dangerous.

According to Dr. Aizaz, he himself participates in awareness seminars and workshops to play his role in preventing domestic violence. Domestic violence is the main cause of mental disorders in women. 16 days of global observance of the prevention of violence against women can play an important role in reducing it, as domestic violence is causing an increase in mental disorders among women.