The common man finds chicken out of reach as prices skyrocket to a staggering 460 rupees per kg in Peshawar.

Ismail, a representative of the Peshawar Poultry Union, attributed the surge in chicken prices to the stagnant business environment, fueled by the country’s uncertain situation. Many shopkeepers have closed their businesses, exacerbating the crisis.

Ismail revealed that the market in Peshawar, once supplying 500,000 kg of chicken daily, has dwindled to a mere 100,000 kg. He expressed the shift from the thriving poultry business in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, citing the challenging economic landscape. The price of a day-old chick has surged to Rs 130, while feed costs have doubled. Ismail highlighted the difficulty for small traders to sustain this business amid inflation, now dominated by big capitalists.

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With the closure of the poultry business in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Ismail now resorts to importing chicken from Punjab. However, the fog affecting Punjab’s business has created a supply shortage, leading to increased prices in Peshawar. The daily influx of chicken-laden vehicles has drastically reduced from 52 to 53 to a mere five, leaving the market undersupplied.

Ismail identified winter as another factor contributing to elevated chicken prices, citing additional costs for safeguarding the chickens from harsh weather. The process of exporting chickens from Punjab faces challenges, with closed motorways due to fog leading to longer journeys and increased susceptibility to diseases. These hurdles directly impact businesses and contribute to the overall surge in chicken prices, creating a challenging situation for everyone involved in the poultry trade.