PESHAWAR: The Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KP) Police department has formally started work at the first-ever police station in Wana Headquarter of South Waziristan on Saturday.

The police station has been established in the building vacated by Frontier Corps (FC) after the merger of the tribal districts with the province. The police officials expressed the hope that the police station will be helpful in restoring a durable peace in the tribal district.  Shahzad Farooq Kokab, the spokesperson of KP police told the media that it is the first police station in South Waziristan where police have formally taken the charge.

It was added that the purpose of establishing the police station is to implement the laws extended to the tribal belt after its merger with the province. The deployment of the police force in tribal districts will be helpful to provide justice to the tribal people at their doorstep after the abolishment of draconian law of Frontier Crime Regulations through the 25th constitutional amendment.

Before the merger, the people of tribal districts were governed under the draconian laws of FCR. There was no police force, but they were administrated through paramilitary forces at the whim of political agents. Unlike the police force in other parts of the province, the policemen in tribal districts, as per tribal custom and tradition, will wear black Shalwar and Qameez as their uniform.

The Government of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa has passed an ordinance from the KP assembly merging Khasadars and Levies forces with the police department. The KP police have announced that they will impart training to the Khasadar and levies men to make them a valuable part of the Police department. KP police have already started the training forces for the Police personnel deployed in the tribal districts of the province. The government is working to establish more police station in tribal districts.