Large tracts of South Waziristan district are dotted with forests of wild olive trees, which can be put to use for olive production after grafting.

Through grafting, these wild olive trees could be turned into olive trees and setting up an oil extracting plant at the Spinkai Raghzai area could provide jobs to over 1000 people at their doorsteps.

Thousands of wild olive trees dot the Pir Killay, Wargharo Manzay, Cheenay, Lanadai Raghzai,Shamakai, Nanon, Gurgurai and several other areas of the South Waziristan district and olive grafting of these plants can provide the area residents with a second source of income for the Mehsud area of the district after Chilghoza or pine nut.

In addition to this, olives could also be exported to earn foreign exchange.

In addition to this, agriculture department can train local youths on grafting and provide them with necessary tools for the purpose so that these thousands of trees could be put to better use.

Authorities have setup a modern plant for cleaning and packaging the chilghoza near Wana and similar plant could be setup for the olives in the Spinkai Raghzai area. Such an initiative will help in overcoming the unemployment in the area besides boosting the local income.