PESHAWAR, July 3: A fake saint killed a woman in the process of exorcism in Faisalabad city of Punjab province, the police say.

Twenty-two-year-old Ms Fazeelat was suffering from certain illness and her family members thought the girl might be under evil spirits.

The self-proclaimed saint, Mr Muhammad Afzal, claimed he had strange power and could do exorcism through ears of the human beings.

A few days ago, the girl was brought to Afzal. The family members of the deceased girl say the saint imprisoned the girl in a room and started his spiritual healing, besides physical torture for exorcism.

When the girl fainted, she was taken to the hospital where she succumbed to her injuries after two days. The police later arrested both the saint and his pupil.

Every year many people succumb to their superstitions and several die during “spiritual healing” of fake saints in Pakistan.

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