Nowshera police have apprehended a man on charges of sexually assaulting his ten-year-old stepdaughter. The police report reveals a disturbing pattern of abuse spanning over a month.

In the Nowshera Kalan police station, the mother of the victim recounted a harrowing incident. While combing her daughter’s hair, she noticed distinct marks on the child’s neck. When questioned, the distressed girl revealed, “When you sleep, stepfather Abdullah comes to my bed and forces himself on me.”

The girl endured this torment for more than a month but remained silent out of fear. According to the victim’s mother, her first husband, Tahir Khan, passed away seven years ago. She subsequently married Abdullah, a resident of Zarinabad, Nowshera Kalan, with whom she shares three children. Abdullah, the accused, is also known to be addicted to drugs.

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Inspector Jamshed Khan Khattak, SHO of Police Station Nowshera Kalan, registered a case against the stepfather under Section 377 B of PPC and 50-53 of the Child Protection Act (CPA) based on the victim’s complaint.

Following a medical examination at the District Headquarters Hospital Nowshera, additional provisions may be included in the FIR against the accused. Meanwhile, the police have taken Abdullah into custody for interrogation.