PESHAWAR, November 17: The girls’ students from Frontier Education Foundation (FEF) in Nauthia locality have demanded the chief minister to upgrade the status of their college to Government Degree College.

Addressing a press conference, the students said about 119 students were forced to shift to the other branches of the college, i.e. FEF College of Dabgari Gardens, but that most of the parents did not allow their daughters to attend the other college due to long distance. The administration has now decided to close the college on the pretext of financial losses.

“I myself am crippled. I went to the other branch of the college for two or three days but I had to face many problems, that’s why I can’t go there. In case the college is not shifted back, I would not be able to pursue my studies and I shall be forced to stay at home. Nauthia is adjacent to my home and that is why my parents allowed me to go to the college, whereas Dabgari Gardens is far from my home and it is insecure,” said one of the students at the rally.

On the other hand, the college administration said that due to fewer students and negligence of provincial and federal governments, the college suffered loss of more than 10 million rupees every year and that is the reason that the authorities have decided to close the college.

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