Swabi resident dies after contracting Congo virus in Sharjah
Munsif was a resident of Daghai, Swabi. He was living with his family in Sharjah.

SWABI: Munsif Ali, a resident of Swabi district has succumbed to Congo fever in Sharjah hospital and was laid to rest there on Saturday.

According to details, Munsif was cutting meat on Eid day, when he accidentally cut one of his fingers. He didn’t take it serious, but after few days, he felt unwell and was taken to the hospital in Sharjah where he was told that he is suffering from a lethal infection known as Crimean-Congo haemorrhagic fever.

Doctors have told him that while he was cutting meat, the deadly Congo virus entered into his body. He was unaware of it while the virus was gradually spreading in his veins, killing him a slow death.

And finally, the virus shattered his body to an extent that he was unable to recover. Munsif Ali was admitted to a hospital in Sharjah in an isolated ward and was kept away from his relatives so that they may not contract the virus.

However, despite all the medication, he could not be survived. His dead body was laid to rest in Sharjah and was not allowed to be taken to his home town in Swabi due to the fear of virus spread.

Munsif was a resident of Cham village in Daghai, in District Swabi and was living with his family in Sharjah.

Congo fever patient admitted to hospital

Hayat Akbar, a 24-year-old man is suffering from Congo fever and was admitted to the Hayatabad medical complex. His relatives on Saturday requested for AB – blood and asked people to pray for his recovery.

His relatives have said the media that Hayat Akbar was hit by a sacrificial animal on the Eid day. However, after a few days, he conditioned got worsened and he was rushed to the hospital. He was admitted to Hayatabad medical complex where after tests he was informed that he is suffering from Congo virus.

He has been kept in an isolated room and medications are being provided. His relatives have said that he has been kept in isolation room and no one is allowed to meet him. However, they have urged the public that he is an urgent need of AB- blood and requested for prayers.