General public, students and teachers from across the Swat district have protested against the firing on a school van in the district which resulted in the killing of its driver and injuries to a student.

Primary School Management Association (PSMA) arranged protests in Mingora and Charbagh localities of the district, where the participants vowed to not accept incidents of terrorism.

They also said that their protest will continue till the arrest of killers who opened fire on the school van.

During the protest, they also blocked roads in Charbagh and Khawazkhela tehsils of the districts.

On the other hand, protesters in Charbagh area who are staging a sit-in on road along with the slain driver’s body also vowed that their protest will continue till the arrest of the murderers. On the other hand, talks between the authorities and protesters have remained inconclusive.

In his speech, PSMA president Sawab Khan said that all private schools of the district will remain closed in protest against the firing of school’s van in the Gulibagh area of the district.

The protesters at this occasion said that it was the third month since the district’s law and order situation had taken a turn for the worse. They said that it was the state responsibility to protect the lives of citizens and if states fail to perform this basic task, then, they will fight for the restoration of peace.

Speakers at this occasion said that all the students and teachers will join every protest against this attack.

PSMA at this occasion also announced to keep school closed for a day in protest against the killing and announced support for Nishat Chowk protest.

The incident took place exactly a decade after an assassination bid on the life of Nobel Laureate Malala Yousafzai in the Haji Baba Road area of Mingora on October 9, 2021 when she was returning to home from school in a van.

It is pertinent to mention here that earlier last month a large number of people had taken to the streets to protest the presence of militants on the mountains of the district. The locals had declared that they will never allow terrorist groups to destroy the peace of area which has been restored after great sacrifices.

Swat locals had arranged protests rallies themed as “we want peace in Swat” and “say no to terrorism” in Matta Chokw and Kabal Chowk of district.

On the other hand, federal minister for defense Khawaja Muhammad Asif said that law and order was the responsibility of the provincial government and after that it was the duty of the security forces.

Speaking at the floor of provincial assembly, Mr Asif said that PTI chief Imran Khan was using KP government resources and even the provincial government was also trying to put Mr Khan into power again. “They are losing the province in this struggle,” he said.

Similarly, federal minister Mian Javed Latif also said that peak corruption in KP, terrorism was also rearing its ugly head.

MNA Mohsin Dawar at this occasion on a point of order said that terrorism was rearing its head in the KP and provincial government and security agencies should pay attention to it.

He said that this resurgence was proving the allegations of alliance between terrorists and the PTI.

Mr Dawar said that PTI government has banned protests against terrorism while at the same time leaving the people at the mercy of the terrorists. “Terrorists were employing their Afghanistan tactics here too,” Mr Dawar said.

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