MINGORA, June 30: Residents of Swat have protested excessive electricity loadshedding and criticised WAPDA, the national electric company.

At a rally in front of Mingora Press Club, the protesters said there was up to 20 hours loadshedding on a daily basis in various parts of Swat district.

They said there was no schedule for the power outages which, they added, had created a host of problems for them.

One of the demonstrators told TNN, “Heavy loadshedding is unbearable during the holy month of Ramadan. Loadshedding is carried out even in the timings of Sehr and Iftar. We request to the government to resolve the issue of loadshedding as its duration is 18 to 20 hours nowadays. We don’t need any other package; we just want the government to solve the electricity supply problem.”

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