Afghan Taliban have banned women from visiting gyms and public bathhouses a few days after outlawing women entry into parks and public fairs.

Muhammad Akif Sadiq Muhajir, a spokesperson for the Afghan ministry for Promotion of Virtue and Prevention of Vice said that they have banned the women visits to gyms. He said that women gyms employed male trainers while some of them were allowed both sexes. “Women have also been prohibited from public bath houses,” he said.

Media reports said that women rights and freedoms have deteriorated after Taliban have taken over Afghanistan after the fall of Afghan republic.

Earlier Taliban had promised to treat the women leniently as compared to their previous regime, which collapsed after the US invasion of Afghanistan following the 9/11 attacks.

The reports said that most of the Afghan women have lost their jobs under Taliban while they some were receiving their salaries at home without being allowed to turn up at their workplaces.

Similarly, Taliban have also banned women from travelling without hajib and unaccompanied by a male relatives. Hardliner regime had shutdown girls schools in the country after taking over the country in August 2021.

Earlier last week the ministry of promotion of virtue and prevent of vice had said that women were not following its directions regarding properly covering up themselves; therefore, they will not be allowed to go to parks.

Mr Muhajir told local media that they were trying to provide an environment under the Islamic laws for past 15 months and making it binding on them to wear Islamic dress code while going to parks.

However, he said that the park owners were not cooperating with authorities while women were also not following the dress protocols, which has led to outlawing the women from visiting parks.

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