The Taliban government in Afghanistan has issued a directive mandating the closure of all beauty salons across the country, including the capital city of Kabul.

Mohammad Sadiq Akif, the spokesperson for the Taliban’s Ministry of “Invitation, Guidance, Enjoining the Good and Forbidding the Evil, announced on Tuesday that a one-month deadline has been given for the shutdown of women’s beauty salons in Afghanistan.

It is noteworthy that following the Taliban’s ousting from power in 2001, women’s beauty salons were gradually established in various cities of Afghanistan, including Kabul. However, after the Taliban regained control in 2021, these salons continued to operate with certain restrictions, such as covered posters and windows. Women were allowed to work in the salons and avail themselves of the services provided.

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Since returning to power, the Taliban has imposed several restrictions on women, drawing international condemnation. Last year, girls were barred from attending high schools and universities, while working, going to public places, and accessing gyms were also prohibited.

Western governments and international organizations argue that these restrictions on women pose a significant barrier to any potential recognition of the Taliban at the international level.

In response, Taliban officials assert that they uphold women’s rights based on their interpretation of Islamic law and Afghan customs.

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