Imran says protest to continue till PM Sharif resigns

PESHAWAR, September 12: The committee, which formed by various political parties to patch things up between the government and protesting parties, has given certain suggestions to the government to resolve the issues and also called for dissolving the body.

Mr Sirajul Haq and Mr Rehman Malik, members of the committee, told media in the federal capital Islamabad on 11 September that they don’t wish to issue an order like court but that they had given fruitful suggestions to both the government and protesting parties to resolve the issues.

They said there were still differences between the two parties although the committee tries its level best to patch things up.

Meanwhile, Pakistan Tehrik-e-Insaaf chief Mr Imran Khan has said he will never end his protest sit-in in Islamabad till Nawaz Sharif resigns as prime minister.

He added that his party works would celebrate completion of one month of their sit-in on 13 August.

Mr Nawaz Sharif has appeal the PTI and Pakistan Awami Tahrik leader Dr Tahirul Qadri to pay attention to relief activities for the flood victims of Punjab and Azad Kashmir instead of prolonging their sit-ins.

The PTI and PAT activists have been protesting in Islamabad since 13 August, demanding the prime minister to resign and hold re-elections.

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