Asmat Shah Garwaki

Flood affectees in Tank district have demanded authorities to open a relief camp setup to house 90 flood affected families immediately.

The camp was setup during the visit of the Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif to the district after the August floods. District administration data shows that more than 900 houses were destroyed in the district due to floods while 2000 others were partially damaged.

Flood affectees said that this camp was setup in Dabara area of the district; however it has yet to opened.

Ishan, a local told TNN that two rooms were built for the flood affectee family in the camp. He said that the district administration should immediately use this camp to house the flood affected persons.

Ihsan said that this clinic has all the facilities including separate clinics for males and females. Besides, he said that the camp also has a school, computer lab, sporting and other facilities for its occupants. “Authorities should immediately open it for flood affectees,” he said.

Khushal, a resident of Putra area has lost his house to the floods. “I am not sure I shall get a house or not in this camp,” he said.

He demanded that he should either be given a house in this camp or compensated of his destroyed house to enable to reconstruct it. Khushal said that more than three months after the floods ravaged the area; government survey teams have not visited their area. Besides, he said that they have not received any aid from authorities.

“We are currently living under open sky and government should give us a house in this camp or pay compensation for our destroyed houses,” he said.

Besides, some other flood affected persons consider this camp to be in violation of area’s customs and say that instead of wasting money on this camp government should have given this money to them to enable to them reconstruct their destroyed houses.

Irfan, another resident of Putra area said that this camp was waste of money as it did not fit in local culture. “Government should have directly assisted the flood affected persons in reconstructing their houses,” he said.

On the other hand, district administration officials said that the project of 100 houses in Dabra area was in its final stages. They said that they have provided electricity, water and school to the camp. “We have carried out a socio-economic survey to allot these houses to destitute and widows,” they said.

He said that they shortlisted the deserving people through balloting and these houses will be provided to them soon.

DC Tank said that they have also assisted the flood affectees with tents and other relief items while the provision of cash assistance has also been launched.

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