Bilawal visits Mohmand district

PESHAWAR: As a part of the campaign for the first-ever election in tribal districts, Chairman of Pakistan People’s Party (PPP), Bilawal Bhutto Zardari has held a massive political gathering in Mohmand district on Thursday.

While addressing the gathering, Bilawal asked the Election commission of Pakistan to direct administration to withdraw section 144, imposed in district South and North Waziristan. Bilawal added that the ECP has to provide an equal playing field to all political parties so that tribal people can elect their true representatives in the first ever election.

He alleged that the imposition of section 144 ahead of election aims to clear the ground for Pakistan Tehrik-e- Insaf (PTI) as only the PTI candidates are allowed to hold political gatherings while there is a complete ban on other political parties.

Talking about the human rights violation, Bilawal said that economic rights aren’t safe until there is protection for democratic and human rights in the country. Bilawal added that the 18th constitutional amendment will be protected in every condition as it protects the basic human rights of all the provinces.

Addressing a rally at Munda area in Mohmand, Bilawal Bhutto accused Prime Minister Imran Khan of plans to establish one unit by depriving provinces of their rights which were guaranteed under the 18th constitutional amendment.

“The human rights are being ruined and economic rights of people are being snatched under the government of PTI,” PPP chairman alleged during his address to the gathering. He said everyone is facing this economic disastrous, questioning what kind of change it is. He said Naya Pakistan is not less than a punishment for the public, adding that this budget is a public enemy that is sucking the blood of masses.

He said unemployment is ruining our youth. He said prices of vegetables, petrol, diesel, gas, sugar and flour have been increased while the budget for education and health has been reduced. He accused that the government has approved the budget by ‘rigging’. He added PM must increase the budget for tribal districts as there is a need urgent uplifts efforts.

He said that the people of tribal districts have been supporting the PPP since inception. He said that it was due to PPP which not only provided the basic human rights but also given identity to the Province – Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.

It was the government of PPP during which the funds for tribal areas was increased by 500 percent. The Benazir income support program was started under which financial assistance to tribal women are being provided at their doorsteps. He added that President Zardari has increased the government employees’ salaries by 150 percent.

He said that any development works here in tribal districts is the result of PPP efforts for the merger of tribal districts merger with KP.