PESHAWAR: As the elections process for 16 seats of KP assembly successfully concluded in tribal districts, Chief Minister Mahmood Khan expressed that now the core issues of tribesmen will be resolved by their own representatives.

The Chief Minister said this in a statement issued on Saturday from the Chief Minister house. He added that it will provide the chance of development and mainstreaming the tribal belt that was ignored since the creation of the country.

“With the successful general election, the final stage of FATA reforms have completed today,” said KP Chief Minister. “Now it is the time that we work together for the uplift of all the tribal districts.” He said general election would not only change the decades-old system but would also enable tribal people to raise voice on proper platforms and secure their rights. He hoped that newly elected members from merged districts would work for the welfare and benefit of their electorates.

The CM said that now that the election was held, the PTI government has formulated various schemes and uplift projects for merged areas that would now be implemented in the consultation with the elected representatives.

Election to changes destiny of tribal people

PESHAWAR: The Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KP) Information Minister, Shoukat Yousafzai also expressed satisfaction over the peaceful conduct of the election and expressed the hope that it would change the destiny of tribal people and provide them opportunities of prosperity and development.

Yousafzai added that first-ever general election was a historic event that would pave the way for the development of tribal areas and would bring them into the mainstream. He said holding of general elections in merged districts is a milestone achievement aiming freedom and emancipation of tribal people.

The information minister has praised the Pakistan Army for assisting peaceful holding elections,  He said that Chief Minister, Mahmood Khan was also in control room and monitored the election. He added those who opposed merger were also contesting the elections. He also congratulated Federal and provincial government for their efforts to hold elections in tribal areas.