Khkula Ayub

PESHAWAR: Badayuni, a well-known brand of sweets is not only famous in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, but also considered among best quality brands of sweets all over Pakistan.

After migration from India, Mehmood Ali Khan with his own secret recipe, started sweets business in Mardan in 1950. Since then, with the years of hard work and dedication, Badayuni has generated a goodwill which no other sweets brand has matched yet. Even after 70 years, one can still taste the original sweets which once were available back in 1950s.

Initially, working only at Mardan, Badayuni has now extended shops to other parts of the province and even beyond it including in the capital city of Islamabad. Now, one can find same quality sweets of Badayuni in Peshawar, Abbottabad and Islamabad branches. The Peshawar branch is successfully run by Rukhsana Asif.

The sweet, which has become identity of Badayuni, is Peera, but with the passage of time, due to customer demands and modern ideas of the young generation, Badayuni for the last 20 years is offering variety of sweets like Barfi, Sohan Halwa, Pateesa including Kaju-pateesa, Badaam-pateesa, Injeer-pateesa and many more.

When asked about the secret recipe of the sweets, Rukhsana Asif said, “We have special recipe which my father Mehmood Ali Khan discovered on his own and he is making sweets of that recipe since 1950. He has now shared it with us too. The main ingredient of our sweets is Khoya. This makes our sweets different from all others. We don’t make common sweets like all others e.g. Gulab-jaman, Rus-gulay etc. In fact, we have a very unique variety of sweets which one cannot find in any other sweets shop.”

A customer, Gohar shared his views about Badayuni, “I once had a chance to eat Badayuni sweets in Mardan. Since then, I am fond of its sweets because of its good quality and taste. Earlier, I had to order it from Mardan but now it is very convenient for us by having its branch in Peshawar. We can now easily get our desired sweets in no time.”

When asked about future plans for the business extension, Rukhsana said, “We are trying our best to satisfy our customers by not only giving them best sweets, but also making it easy to get it. Therefore, she said, after successful running of Town branch in Peshawar, we are planning to open two more shops at Warsak Road and Gulbahar. Similarly, we have a plan of it opening in Waziristan as well due to high demand of our customers.”