firing on police

HANGU, September 22: Unidentified gunmen fired shots on a police station, killing three policemen and a local resident in Hangu district.

Administration officials say the incident took place in Qazi Pump area of Hangu where the gunmen opened fire on the police station at morning, killing policemen Mr Syed Umar, Mr Haji Zaman and Mr Shehzad and 15-year-old civilian Mr Najeebullah on the spot.

Inspector shot dead in Peshawar

In separate incident in Peshawar, Inspector Gohar Zamanof the Special Branch, which is an intelligence agency of the Police Department, was shot dead inside his home allegedly by cousins Mr Musharaf and Mr Sakhawat.  Mr Zaman’s son Mr Bilal was injured in the firing.

The police say the incident took place due to a land dispute.

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