Photo by Gohar Wazir.

KALAYA, 20 August: Deteriorated law and order situation in Federally Administered Tribal Areas (FATA), besides its Muslim residents, literally made life for religious minorities a living hell.

However, the case is altogether different in Tirah Shiagara area of Lower Orakzai Agency. Sikh community continued living a secure life in this area throughout the time of mayhem in the tribal belt. Except Tirah Shiagara, Sikh and Hindu communities living in other parts of Lower Orakzai had to face great economic losses after they were displaced.

Presently 25 families of Sikhs and more than 30 families of Hindus are residing in Tirah Shiagara. Hindus are mostly living in rural areas while Sikh community runs their businesses in Kalaya city.

“I am Manmohan Singh. We’re living a very happy life here (Tirah Shiagara). We are living in this area for the last 55 years. We are running our businesses without any fear,” said Manmohan Singh.

Another Sikh community member said: “My name is Guljeet Singh. We’ve our worship places here where we perform our religious rituals in the day. The treatment we are meted out by local Muslim majority is praise-worthy.”

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