Traders in Miranshah, North Waziristan, have issued a stern warning, declaring their intention to close the Bannu Miranshah Road to all traffic and boycott the polio vaccination drive if compensation is not paid by the administration before December 14.

During a press conference at the Miran Shah Press Club, representatives from Miran Shah Bazaar traders announced plans for a wheel jam strike. They emphasized that if compensation payments to Miran Shah Bazaar shopkeepers do not commence by December 14, they will proceed with the closure of Miran Shah Road and refrain from participating in the polio vaccination campaign for their children.

Speaking at the conference, individuals such as Sanaullah Hamzoni, Malik Shir Wali Khan, Malik Mir Saleh Khan, and Haji Anwar Khan expressed their dissatisfaction with the handling of compensation for demolished shops post-Operation Zarb-e-Azb. They stated that despite oaths and verifications, only 2500 out of 6969 confirmed shopkeepers have received compensation checks.

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The traders highlighted the federal government’s approval of an additional 1 billion 50 crore rupees, with funds reaching the provincial government. Negotiations with the Deputy Commissioner of North Waziristan led to an agreement for shopkeepers to open Khyber Bank accounts in Miranshah for transparent and efficient compensation distribution. However, despite initial verification, shopkeepers are reportedly facing renewed hurdles.

Sanaullah Hamzoni set a deadline, declaring that if the district administration does not initiate compensation payments to shopkeepers by Thursday, December 14, they will proceed with the planned closure of Bannu Miranshah Road and boycott the polio vaccination drive.