Traders affected by the recent fire at the Peshawar Time Center took to the streets in protest, demanding immediate assistance. Expressing their grievances, the protesters revealed staggering losses, estimating over seven billion rupees in damages caused by the devastating fire.

The aftermath of the incident left more than 65 shops and 100 warehouses reduced to ashes, representing a lifetime’s accumulation of savings for many. Urging swift action, the protestors emphasized the need to restore business operations at the Time Center promptly.

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Highlighting the economic repercussions of the center’s closure, the protesters stressed that daily losses in the millions were taking a toll on the traders. They called upon the government to provide interest-free loans and financial aid to facilitate recovery.

In a stern warning, the protestors threatened to escalate their protest and potentially shut down the entire city of Peshawar if their demands for reopening the Time Center were not met. The fire, which was brought under control after a 14-hour struggle, has left a significant economic impact on the local business community.