A heart-wrenching incident unfolded in Bajaur as five-year-old Abu Huraira, hailing from Utmanakhil Tehsil, was rushed to the District Headquarters Hospital due to severe intestinal problems. Tragically, he lost his life while waiting for medical attention for hours.

Siraj Khan, the grieving uncle of the deceased child, recounted the distressing ordeal. He revealed that they had brought young Abu Huraira to the hospital due to severe intestinal issues. Upon arriving at the emergency ward, they were administered painkillers at noon. They were then informed that the child required a doctor’s consultation and an operation. However, despite the child’s worsening condition, no doctor appeared, and no attention was paid to the child’s deteriorating health.

According to Siraj, they pleaded with several hospital staff members, and eventually, a doctor did arrive. The doctor prescribed medication and left, promising to check on the child the next morning.

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Tragically, Abu Huraira lay in agony on the hospital bed throughout the night. The hospital’s “untrained staff,” who lacked medical expertise, resorted to sending pictures of the child to doctors via mobile phones and receiving instructions remotely. Unfortunately, the child’s condition continued to deteriorate, and he passed away in excruciating pain.

Siraj Khan alleged that despite waiting for over ten hours, no doctor attended to the child, and he did not receive the necessary treatment. He lamented the loss of their beloved child due to the doctor’s negligence and indifference. The absence of doctors on duty overnight at the district headquarters hospital, leaving patients at the mercy of fate, is a matter of grave concern for the relevant authorities.

In response to this tragic incident, MS Wazir Khan Safi of the hospital assured that strict legal action would be taken against the doctors found guilty of negligence. An impartial committee would be formed to investigate the matter thoroughly, and anyone found responsible for the heartbreaking incident would face legal consequences.