Khalida Niaz

The news of Bilal Pasha, Chief Executive Officer of Bannu Cantonment Board, has taken social media by storm after reports of his alleged suicide surfaced. Users are not only mourning his tragic demise but also engaging in discussions about mental health awareness.

According to initial reports, Bilal Pasha was found shot in the head at his residence on Monday. The police, responding to the incident, are conducting an inquiry to determine whether Pasha took his own life or if there are other factors involved.

The funeral prayers for Bilal Pasha took place at the Cantonment Board premises, followed by the transportation of his body to his native district of Khanewal for burial.

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On social networking platform X (Twitter), Bilal Pasha’s name is trending, with users expressing sorrow over his death and emphasizing the need for mental health support. Arham Khan, an X user, highlighted that Bilal Pasha’s suicide underscores the importance of addressing mental health issues, even among successful individuals.

Osama, another X user, remembered Bilal Pasha’s achievements despite coming from a lower middle-class background. Ahsan Raza emphasized the significance of mental health care alongside physical well-being.

Arbaaz Khan reflected on the premature departure of good people, while Omar Jadoon stressed the importance of offering help to those in need before it’s too late.

Social media indicates that Bilal Pasha, hailing from a lower middle-class family, pursued a career in public service after completing his education. His appointment as the CEO of the Bannu Cantonment Board in 2018 was a testament to his success. The circumstances surrounding his death remain unclear, awaiting clarification through the ongoing police investigation.