In a heart-wrenching incident, the lifeless body of Maria, a five-year-old girl who had gone missing near her home in Dir Lower Timergara Khazana, has been discovered.

The Dir Lower police reported that Maria, the daughter of Abdul Rehman and a resident of Khazana, disappeared suddenly while playing outside her house. Despite extensive searches by family members and neighbors, the girl remained elusive. Tragically, the following morning, Maria’s lifeless body was located on the banks of the Panjkora River, some distance from her home.

Upon receiving the distressing news, a substantial police force swiftly arrived at the scene. Simultaneously, Maria’s relatives transported her body to the district headquarters hospital in Timergara for post-mortem examination.

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DPO Dir Lower Zia-ud-Din, accompanied by other police officers, visited both the district headquarters hospital Timergara and the site of the incident, meticulously collecting crucial evidence. Multiple police teams were assembled to investigate the unfolding tragedy.

In a disconcerting development, doctors at the district headquarters hospital Timergara voiced suspicions of possible sexual abuse inflicted upon the young girl. Promptly, the police initiated a case and commenced a thorough investigation.

The funeral prayers for the deceased child were solemnly performed, drawing a large gathering of mourners, including citizens and police officers. The entire locality is engulfed in grief over the tragic loss of the five-year-old girl, sparking widespread concern and sorrow among the community.