A devastating fire during a wedding ceremony in Iraq’s Nineveh province has resulted in the loss of more than 100 lives and left over 150 individuals injured.

As reported by a foreign news agency, the fire erupted suddenly in a wedding hall located in the city of Al-Hamdaniya within the province of Nineveh.

Following the incident, the bodies of the deceased and the injured were promptly transported to a hospital, where immediate medical attention was provided to those in need.

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The wedding ceremony had a massive gathering of over 1,000 attendees, tragically including the bride and groom who also perished in the fire. The intensity of the flames caused a section of the building to collapse.

Hospital sources have reported that the condition of a significant portion of the injured is critical, and authorities fear that the death toll may continue to rise. In response to the disaster, a state of emergency has been declared in all the city’s hospitals.

While initial reports suggest that fireworks may have been the cause of the fire at the wedding ceremony, a comprehensive investigation into the incident is currently underway to determine the exact circumstances leading to this tragic disaster.