How many young, small-faced, and innocent children must have lost their lives at the hands of private school teachers? Here, we mention 5-year-old Muzamil, the only son of his parents.

Muzamil, a resident of Peshawar city, was the darling and apple of his parents’ eyes, like every other parent. He was admitted to a private school with great hope that he would grow up to become a doctor, engineer, or senior officer to serve his parents and the country. However, fate had something else in store for him.

Five-year-old Muzamil was a prep student at a private school. It is not known what crime was committed that the class teacher hit him so hard on the head, causing his death. After coming home from school, Ladla Muzamil hugged his mother and cried, “Mom! My teacher hit me hard on the head today, and since then, I have been having a severe headache.”

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According to the mother, Muzmal’s condition worsened after coming home. About an hour later, he vomited, leading to his admission to the hospital. After a doctor’s examination, it was revealed that Muzamil’s hearing and vision gradually disappeared due to an internal head injury.

After a few days of struggling for life and death, Muzamil finally gave up and left this world forever.

Muzamil’s mother repeatedly weeps, recalling how much pain her son, her little soul, must have endured since the teacher’s attack until he left school, breaking her heart.

What kind of teacher would take the life of an innocent child? A teacher is meant to train and nurture children. In such a situation, it seems that teachers themselves should also be taught ethics. Parents choose private institutions over government schools so that their children receive the best education in a safe environment and are well taken care of.

Parents don’t pay hefty monthly fees for their children to be mercilessly tortured. Even Islam does not oblige children to pray until the age of 7. At this age, even Allah has no right over the child.

Muzamil’s family members say that even in unconsciousness, Muzamil would scream, “Miss Shazia! Don’t kill me.” So much fear, so much horror, all from a teacher.

On the other hand, Saima, a resident of a government school, said that times have changed, and the educational system of government schools has improved significantly. Their curriculum is much better than that of private schools, and there are strict orders from the government that no teacher can touch any student. Saima appeals to all parents to end the culture of teaching children in private schools.

Referring to Muzamil, Saima notes that a public servant is easily accountable to the government. In case of any mistake, a full inquiry takes place. In contrast, private institutions often deny any fault, and substantial results in such cases are rare. From salary issues to teacher dismissals, cases involving private schools remain inconclusive.

Miss Saima urges all parents to cooperate and work together with the government to change the tradition of private schools. Enrolling children in government schools can prove that the curriculum and staff of these schools are better than those of private institutions.

If one compares, it will become evident that the most educated teachers are in government schools because people are recruited into the education department only after passing the government’s aptitude test.

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