ABBOTTABAD: A transgender person allegedly sexually abused a 12-year-old boy in Abbottabad district of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, police said on Saturday.

The victim boy told Abbottabad Cant Police that he came from his village in Battagram to Abbottabad in search of some work due to poverty few days ago. He said while searching for work, he met a transgender person Sunny who took him with himself on promise that he will get him work. He alleged that the transgender person persuaded him to wear clothes of girls.

The victim child said Sunny tried to sexually abuse him, but he refused after which Sunny threatened him that he will kill him. The boy alleged that the transgender person subjected him to sexual abuse after which he and his guru (leader) beat him severely. He alleged that the transgender person and his guru also cut his hair and locked him inside a room as he was crying and shouting.

The victim boy further alleged that Sunny again subjected him to sexual abuse the next night after consuming liquor. He said he was looking for an opportunity to escape from the place. He said he went to washroom and escaped through the window and came to police station.

Police said it filed a report on the complaint of the boy and arrested the accused transgender person. Police said the report of the transgender person was shown as normal after medical check-up. It said further investigation into the case is underway.

The incident has happened two weeks after an eight-year-old girl was killed after alleged sexual abuse in Akhrela area of Abbottabad.

Local sources said Niaz, a resident of Nawan Shehar, used to take his children to his village Akhrela every Sunday. Sources said Niaz also took his children for tour to Akhrela village as per routine where his eight-year-old daughter went missing. He searched his daughter for several hours and they went to Nawan Shehar Police Station to file a report about his missing daughter. He then received a phone call that the body of his daughter has been dumped at a deserted place in the village.