Tribal elders ask govt to demolish wall between Hayatabd and Shah Kas

BARA: People of Shah Kas in district Khyber has demanded the government to remove the wall between Hayatabad and Shah Kas, adding, that after the merger of tribal areas with the province, there is no need of such a wall.

The elders said that due to the wall, people of Shah Kas, especially students, are facing a number of problems to reach the educational institutions or hospitals situated in the posh area of the city.

They said that once the area has been merged with the province, there is now no logic to separate it with walls. They have given a deadline of 18th June and warned that if the wall was not removed by the government, they will demolish it.

Haji Saeed Ullah Afridi, who is contesting the election on PK-107 constituency, while talking to media at Bara press club said that they were ready to demolish the wall, however, later on, the high government officials have contacted them asking for some time to discuss the issue with concern authorities. Therefore, they gave the deadline of June 18.

Saeed Ullah expressed that if the wall is removed, hundreds of people of Bara and Shah Kas will have easy access to basic facilities of life such as best schools, colleges, hospitals, banks, parks and other government and non-governmental offices, as most of such facilities and offices are only available in Hayatabad.

He said that the people of Khyber could have any easy access to jobs in Hayatabad and they will also be away to fall in the hands of militants and other anti-state elements in tribal districts.

The wall between Hayatabad and Shah Kas area of Khyber district was constructed by the government to provide security to people living in Hayatabad area of the city. However, the people believe that now peace has been restored, it is now necessary to erase the wall.