A distinctive double wedding that saw both father and son tying the knot together in Jandool Gunderey, Lower Dir, has captivated the public’s attention.

Maulana Muhammad Younis, a resident of the aforementioned village, reportedly entered into a second marriage with the full consent of his first wife. Simultaneously, his second-year student son, Muhammad Ilyas, embarked on the journey of marriage alongside his father.

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Explaining the unconventional situation, Maulana Muhammad Younis, who embraced matrimony for the second time, expressed that there is nothing inherently wrong in seeking a second marriage and even sharing this significant moment with his son.

He elaborated that he and his first wife had jointly consented to this second marriage, emphasizing the principles of equity in the marital unions of both father and son. Furthermore, as a symbol of their commitment, each bride was offered six and a half tolas of gold. The joint wedding of father and son has been met with warm congratulations and best wishes from the community.