PESHAWAR: After ban on the use of mobile phone by staff of Peshawar Airport, the use of mobile phone by passengers has also been banned over security considerations.

Earlier, the use of mobile phones by staff of different airlines and government employees at the airport was banned. Now the use of cell phone by passengers has also been banned under the new advisory.

Last week, the Aab-e-Zam Zam packages of Hajj pilgrims returning through Peshawar Airport went missing due to negligence of the airport staff. The pilgrims scaled the belt of the airport lounge carrying luggage for searching their missing Aab-e-Zam Zam packages. The video of the pilgrims scaling the belt went viral on the social media after which the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) took notice of the matter and also directed action against those who filmed the video. The intention for the action of the pilgrims was not wrong at all, but the airport security was surely put off the radar.

The chief executive officer (CEO) of the CAA has told all the officials and the managers of the airport about this matter. According to a notification issued by the CAA, violation of the new rule will result in airport entry passes being confiscated. The notification read that the matter will also be taken up with the higher authorities of the concerned department/functionary.

The pilgrims had also staged protest at Peshawar Airport as a private airliner left behind Aab-e-Zam Zam of 300 pilgrims in Jeddah. The administration of the private airliner told the pilgrims that their luggage was mistakenly left behind and it will be brought in the next flight. However, despite passage of two more days, the Hajis were yet to receive their luggage. Most of Hujjaj belong to other districts situated far away from Peshawar and they are facing extreme trouble in their wait for their luggage, particularly the Aab-e-Zam Zam.

On September 05, the CAA declared a ban on the eating of Gutka, Pan and Naswar at the Jinnah International Airport, Karachi. The notification read that strict action would be taken against the employees who would be found guilty.