PESHAWAR, September 3: The number of refusal cases during anti-polio campaigns has plummeted in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, health officials say.

Sources of Provincial Health Department say about 32,500 people refused to vaccinate their children in Mardan and Peshawar three months ago but in the recent drive the figure has reduced to 30,400.

The target specified for the vaccination of children in Peshawar in the month of June was 755,000 and of them 21,500 people refused to vaccinate their children.

During the campaign three days ago, the number of refusals was reduced to 15,500.

During the “Sehat Ka Insaf” Programme in the past, approximately 11,000 parents, out of 350,000, refused vaccination but in fresh campaign last week the figure has reduced to 7,700.

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