Wall of kindness campaign is getting popular in Bajaur district and nine have been setup so far.

Muhammad Bilal Yasir

Bajaur district first wall of kindness which was sometimes ago in Salarzai tehsil has turned into a movement and reaching to other areas of the district.

Jawad Iqbal Salarzai, an engineer turned contractor, who is the brain behind the wall of kindness, told TNN that some weeks ago he saw a tensed laborer. “When I asked him, he told me that he has been unable to find work for past several days and his family is starving,” he said.

Jawad said that he took some ratio to his house, where he saw the laborer kids without shoes and clothes. “For a moment I though how the laborer who was unable to feed his family was going to keep them warm,” he said.

He said that the next day, he rushed to Chakaddra and bought old and new clothes at the expense of Rs 27,000. Besides, he said that he also posted a message on Facebook asking people to donate whatever they could, which they put up at Tali Wali Chowk wall of kindness.

Jawad said that this initiative was aimed at spreading the message of the kindness in society and meet needs of the needy and homeless.

“Wall of kindness slogan is leave whatever you do not need and take whatever you need,” he said.

He said that people leave their dress and shoes and needy people pick them from there.

Walls of kindness spreading to other parts of the Bajaur

Jawad said that wall of kindness campaign was received well in the district and since have sprung up in many other parts of the district. “We setup nine walls of kindness in Bajaur which benefited 18,000 people,” he said.

Altaf Salarzai, who has been a part of this movement, told TNN that youths have responsibility to society and they should fulfill.

He said that walls of kindness have provided them a platform to help needy people of the society. Altaf said that many people still do not know that they could pickup anything for free from the wall of kindness.

Besides, he said that those could donate also do not know about the existence of wall of kindness.

Jawad on the other hand, said that they have also carried out publicity campaign through social media for the campaign.

Hamza Khan, not his real name, said that it was good to donate anonymously. However, he said that it was even better if you could donate with other people. “Seeing others donating is motivating,” he said.

Jawad said that their work has received huge response. “We are currently collecting donations to setup a wall of kindness before Ramzan to help needy people,” he said.

He said that they were striving to help most number of people.

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