Taekwondo player Wania. - A file photo

PESHAWAR: The little taekwondo player Wania, who hails from Peshawar, says she selected taekwondo to make her stronger.

She has apparently achieved her aim as she is now much stronger than other girls of her age group who don’t take part in sports activities. Wania is strong enough to protect herself and be a role model for other girls.

Wania have many dreams of making name for herself and her country. In Korea, while representing Pakistan, she won a gold medal while defeating many other girls having great skills. Winning for Pakistan is the greatest desire of Wania.

Wania says she doesn’t need anyone’s help for her security as she is good enough to protect herself thanks to her taekwondo talent and skills. Despite being a girl of young age, she can reply men in the same coin in case of any unpleasant situation.

Wania admits that many girls are not inclined towards this sport due to its tough rules and demands and some others leave the sport due to the same reasons. Cultural issues also serve as impediment as in traditional societies Pakhtuns mostly prefer to keep girls away from sports activities. Even those girls who get formal education are not supposed to take part in sports activities as they are considered delicate commodity. In the given situation, there are great challenges for those girls who take a bold decision and join sports. And when the sport is tough like taekwondo, then the reluctance and opposition increases further.

However, this was not the case with Wana who had full support from her family to join the tough and challenging sport. She has won many taekwondo competitions. She got training from coach Waqar Afridi, who is Secretary Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Taekwondo Association on the basis of which she also won a gold medal. She has also got appreciation from high-level officials of different sports bodies for her talent.

Wania hopes to represent Pakistan in international taekwondo competitions on regular basis. She says the main problem for female taekwondo players is lack of a woman coach. She says there is a lot of talent among Pakistani girls and they can shine on national and international level if provided proper support and facilities.