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You might be thinking what kind of question is this. All teachers are well-educated that’s why they get to teach us; then why would they require any sort of formal training. Undeniably, the answer to this is that every person requires training. Apart from that, by looking at the quality of education the teachers are providing these days, it needs to be emphasized that they themselves need education as well.

A teacher’s slap

Some time ago, during a training session, a renowned trainer asked me the name of my favorite teacher, which got me thinking for a moment. It felt like I have been dreaming for years and now someone woke me up to ask about my dream.

In this instant, all I had was a flashback of fourth Grade, when upon writing the wrong answer to a question I got slapped on my cheek by my teacher. Anyways, I answered the question of the trainer hesitantly, but later realized that I took the wrong name of my teacher! God!!!

The tip of criticism in competition with the tip of the pen

Since kindergarten till fifth grade, I studied in University Public School where all the record of my mischief was kept like an accountant, whereas I am still awaiting appreciation for my good grades.

Hope you are not occupied by the misunderstanding that I had an extra-ordinary intellectual capacity as a student. There was nothing like that, I was just an ordinary student. I was never given an opportunity of book reading in class, instead always got to clean the black board, because my teacher believed that book reading is only the right of the most intelligent student of the class.

Hope there was such an eraser or mop that could clear this fog off my teacher’s mind. Wish it was easier to speak out my heart to her, and tell her that I want her to communicate with me, hold my hand and offer me the chance to learn.

Though I was not particularly intelligent, I was a determined student. Thus, in sixth grade I got admission in the best school of the city.

There, I discovered that the teachers I depended upon for my education were using ineffective methods of teaching. I am intrinsically a reposeful person, so my teachers used to admire this about me. They would appreciate my silence throughout the class. Even in the best school of the city, I was not able express myself to my teachers, and say that why don’t they ask me any questions and why don’t they help me give words to the questions I have in mind about the lectures.

Eventually, following my passion for arts subjects, I took admission in Pak Public School and College for ninth to tenth Grade. Here, my teacher disapproved of my silence and always disparaged me for it.

She nicknamed me “God’s cow” in return for my silence, as I refrained from gossip and tittle-tattle like other girls, or from praising her clothes and makeup. She also used to persistently worry about my future, that how will I survive in future.

Previously, I was held at gunpoint by her criticism, today her ineffective way of teaching is at the tip of my pen.

Well, according to what I have heard, pen is more powerful than gun.

Who is a teacher?

It has remained my wish to have a teacher who would talk to me, teach me, make me think, let me make mistakes and then corrects my mistakes so that I understand what is right.

From school till university, if you make a mistake, instead of getting to learn how to correct the mistake all you get to hear is the same old sentence that, “dear you are at the wrong place, there is no need for you here.”

Now someone should tell me that if schools are not playing their role of teaching about the process of distinguishing wrong from right then who will?

If students should know everything from the start, then what is the purpose of schools?

My silence became my words

The companion of my silence is my pen, which helps me write my words on paper. Nevertheless, I also wanted to say those words out loud. I wanted to speak. I had a huge reserve of words within me in spite of which I did not have the courage to articulate those words.

Conversely, I met an ideal teacher, Sabeen Agha.

She says that our silence speaks. Our eyes are the radar of our silence. Silence is just another way of talking to your heart. There is nothing louder than silence. Her reprimand always opens many new doors for me. Moreover, her aim is to provide courage to her students and point them to the right direction.

She taught me all the things I wanted to learn from school till university, I wanted to disagree, to understand, to question, and to apprehend the answer.

Now if anyone asks me about my favorite teacher, then without a second thought and any fallacies I would instantly take the name of Sabeen Agha, who acknowledged my right to question and taught me love instead of hate.

Teachers are responsible for showing their students the destination instead of the path. Become leaders, not wayfarers.

Now you tell me whether teachers require training or not?

Mehreen Khalid belongs to Bannu District, and is associated with TNN as a Blogger and Reporter.

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