Rafiullah Khan

In Swat’s Charbagh tehsil, an eventful women’s cricket match faced an unexpected halt as female players were prohibited from participating.

Ayaz Naik, the match organizer, revealed to TNN that he had diligently arranged a cricket match between the women’s teams of Mingora and Kabal at the Charbagh Sports Complex. He had sought permission for the match from the sports complex authorities and had also informed the Charbagh Police, emphasizing the historical significance of women’s cricket in Swat and requesting security.

Upon arrival at the ground, they were met by Assistant Commissioner Charbagh, local police, and community elders. Inquiries were made regarding permissions and a No Objection Certificate (NOC). Ayaz Naik explained that they had coordinated with the private sports complex management and the police before organizing the match. However, AC Charbagh urged them to cancel the match, citing grave concerns among the local populace and a precarious situation.

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Ayaz Naik pointed out that they were undertaking an initiative aligned with the responsibilities of the sports department. He expressed frustration with the sports officer, who consistently dismissed their requests for support citing financial constraints. Now, after all preparations and efforts, the match was suddenly halted.

Assistant Commissioner Charbagh clarified to the media that they held no opposition to sports but insisted that due to security apprehensions in Charbagh, organizing such a match without proper notification and a NOC from the DC Swat’s office was not viable. He expressed intent to collaborate with higher authorities to relocate and facilitate the match in a more suitable environment.

The cancellation of the match left the female players on the ground disheartened and disappointed. Sheema Ghafoor, a team player, expressed her eagerness to contribute to the match’s victory through her performance. However, the chaotic atmosphere and gathering of people dashed her hopes. She demanded opportunities for girls to actively engage in cricket.

Another female player shared her disappointment, mentioning that she had enthusiastically practiced for an hour at home in anticipation of the match. Regrettably, her aspirations were crushed as she was prevented from participating, leaving her disheartened.