Participants of a workshop in Tank. Photo TNN

TANK, November 8: A social welfare organization, Hamdam, organised a one-day workshop to raise awareness amongst women about politics.

About 30 female graduates, chosen from 10 union councils, were trained to play their due role for peace and harmony.

A participant named Rabia termed the training to be of great importance.

“The basic purpose of today’s programme was to make the females well aware of their role in peace-keeping, irrespective of practicing it on school or college level or simply as an ordinary woman. Such programmes motivate the courage of women and can also help other women to become aware of political issues, so that they understand whom to vote for in the upcoming elections,” she added.

The Hamdam has also arranged several visits of women trainees to National and provincial assemblies, so that they get to know about professional life of political leaders.

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