Following the deadline, families of Afghan citizens residing illegally in various Pakistani cities have commenced registration at entry point camps, including the one adjacent to Hamza Baba Mazar in the Khyber Landi Kotal district, starting from November 1.

Official sources have indicated that Afghan nationals residing unlawfully will be permitted to enter Afghanistan through the Torkham border after registering at the Khyber Landi Kotal entry point camp.

At the Landi Kotal entry point camp, data is being collected from Afghan families intending to return to Afghanistan through NADRA mobile vans, with Customs, FIA, and other senior authorities present for inspections.

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Upon arriving at the Landi Kotal entry point camp, the families bound for Afghanistan will be transported to the Torkham border via flying coaches, from where they will proceed to Afghanistan.

A substantial contingent of FC and police personnel have been deployed to ensure security at the entry point camp for the families heading to Afghanistan near Hamza Baba Mazar in the Khyber Landi Kotal district.

PDMA officials are providing juice, biscuits, and water to Afghan families at the entry point camp.

According to sources, an estimated 1,730,000 Afghan citizens in Pakistan lack legal residence documents, and 880,000 refugees have not been granted legal status.

It is worth noting that the federal government set an October 31 deadline for all foreigners residing illegally in Pakistan to leave the country, prompting the return of thousands of Afghan refugees to their homeland.