Rain expected in KP
More rain predicted

The horizon in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa is poised for a fresh deluge. As per the Meteorological Department, the monsoon rains are set to commence in the province from tomorrow, unveiling a series of showers anticipated to persist intermittently until August 16.

In light of the impending heavy rains and gusts, the Provincial Disaster Management Authority (PDMA) has dispatched directives to the district administration, urging meticulous precautionary measures. A PDMA post has cautioned about the potential of landslides in the higher reaches.

The report underscores the likelihood of substantial rainfall in regions including Swat, Kohistan, Buner, Orakzai, Chitral, Mansehra, Shangla, Dir, Abbottabad, Khyber, Swabi, and Peshawar. This surge in precipitation has the potential to augment river water levels, raising concerns about urban flooding in low-lying localities.

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The PDMA has outlined a comprehensive set of instructions, encompassing the vigilant monitoring of water levels in rivers, streams, and storm drains. The district administration is tasked with ensuring the availability of both light and heavy machinery. In the face of an approaching tempest, individuals are advised to steer clear of power lines, frail structures, signboards, and billboards.

A concerted effort to disseminate advisories to tourists and residents in vulnerable elevated areas is paramount, with messages being communicated in local languages. All relevant line departments are enjoined to maintain a watchful eye on road connectivity, with the provision of alternative routes to avert potential closures.

Furthermore, meticulous plans are to be devised for weather spells, with proactive warnings extended to passengers traversing provincial and national highways in susceptible zones. Authorities are directed to timely relocate people to secure waiting zones when necessitated while ensuring the availability of emergency services personnel for immediate response.

The PDMA’s post reiterates the importance of enlightening tourists about the evolving weather scenario. Travelers are urged to adopt heightened precautions during their journeys, and timely communication with PDMA and PEOC is recommended to stay abreast of the evolving conditions.

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