Muzamil Dawar

In Mir Ali Tehsil of North Waziristan, two girls’ schools were targeted and destroyed by unknown individuals using explosives. The late Dr. Noor Jannat Gul Girls School in the village of Musakki was destroyed during the night, jeopardizing the education of hundreds of girls who attended the school.

Similarly, the Younis Girls School in Hasukhel village of Mir Ali Tehsil also fell victim to the destructive act.

It is worth noting that several years ago, unidentified armed men forced the closure of the Hasukhel Yunus Girls School by sending threatening messages. However, through the combined efforts of the government and local residents, the school was eventually reopened.

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Sadly, these recent incidents have reduced the previously vibrant educational institutions to ruins. The Government Girls School in Yunuskot, which attracts hundreds of girls seeking education, has also suffered extensive damage, with its middle section completely destroyed.

Shafqat Dawar, the Information Secretary of the Pakistan People’s Party, expressed his concerns during an interview with TNN. He stated that the unrest in North Waziristan has taken a disturbing turn, with educational institutions for girls becoming targets.

Dawar emphasized that the situation was already highly uncertain, and the deliberate destruction of girls’ schools further exacerbates the anxiety among the public. He called upon the federal and provincial governments to play a positive role in establishing peace and ensuring access to education.

The public at large has also expressed deep grief, sorrow, and anguish over these incidents, asserting that education is the right of every Pakistani.

They emphasized the need for educational facilities in tribal areas to be on par with those in other parts of the country. Education, they emphasized, is the driving force behind progress and development globally, and neglecting it pushes society further into darkness.

Efforts were made to reach out to the North Waziristan Police and the district administration for comments on the matter, but no response has been received thus far.

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