Aftab Mohmand

Recent revelations at Peshawar’s Khyber Teaching Hospital (KTH) have sparked concerns as it has come to light that male technicians are performing ultrasound and X-ray procedures on women.

In a formal request submitted to the SHO Town Police Station, “Marasta,” a representative organization encompassing Tehkal Palosai, Regi, Achini, Pawaka, and Sufaid Dheri within the jurisdiction of Town Police Station, voiced their disapproval of male doctors conducting ultrasounds and X-rays on women from these areas at Khyber Teaching Hospital.

The organization’s application reveals that despite numerous meetings with the hospital administration on this issue, no resolution has been reached, leading to growing discontent among the local populace. They have now appealed to the Town Police Station to swiftly intervene to prevent any potential law and order disruptions.

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Upon learning of the ultrasound and X-ray issue concerning female patients, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Health Secretary Mahmood Aslam took immediate notice and instructed DG Health Dr. Shaukat to establish an inquiry committee within three days. The committee has been tasked with conducting an inquiry, reporting on the facts, and identifying any transgressors. The health secretary emphasized that strict action will be taken against anyone found compromising the dignity of women.

However, the administration of Khyber Teaching Hospital has refuted the claims of women undergoing ultrasounds supervised by male doctors. According to the hospital administration, residents from the nearby Palosai area visited the hospital along with community leaders and submitted their complaints to the hospital’s complaint cell, which is currently under investigation.

The hospital administration has also released the duty roster of the radiology department covering the months of July, August, September, and October. The roster explicitly indicates the presence of a female doctor for ultrasound procedures during morning, evening, and night hours in both the emergency and outpatient departments.

Furthermore, the hospital administration has extended an invitation to the dignitaries and leaders of the area to visit Khyber Teaching Hospital and engage in discussions, aiming to reach an amicable resolution to this issue.